Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer local pickup in Mohkínstsis, Treaty 7 Territory (Calgary, AB, Canada)?

Yes! Enter "CURBSIDE" at checkout and you will be notified when your purchase is ready for pickup.

How does pre-ordering archival pigment prints work?

At the end of each week, a request will be made to a professional printing house that specializes in art printing. Once prints are complete, they will be couriered to me, where I will inspect, sign, and number each print before packing your print and sending it to you based on the shipping you have selected. The process from order to your door is approximately 3-4 weeks. If delays are longer, you will be notified as as soon as possible.

Can I buy multiple prints of the same artwork?

Yes! You can add as much as the app will allow, and if you require more, head over to Pre-order prints to order what is available. Bear in mind, once the last print of the edition is sold, I cannot print any additional pieces. So no snoozing, or there will be losing.

How do you price your work? Why are Archival Pigment Prints priced similarly to paintings?

For pricing both paintings and archival pigment prints, I consider size, labour, and materials. Additionally for prints, edition size is a factor. The larger the edition size, the lower the cost. In terms of comparatively pricing paintings versus prints, it often takes the same amount of time to create a painting as it does a digital piece. Surprised? Same! Painting supplies and printing are comparable. Both are legit mediums.

Favourite movies / snacks?

Whoa, things are getting personal here. It seems like you are looking for answers to security questions. I will answer a question that you didn't ask. My favourite TV show is Fleabag. Two words: Hot Priest.

Why art?

Deep, deep, deep. Art is subjective, and therefore its relevance is often perceived as being subjective. But for me, art is crucial to my survival. I pursue art out of necessity, and I believe I am not alone in this thinking. I don't wish to romanticize it, but art is my livelihood, and it is the language I use to connect with the rest of the world. When I create art and release it into the wild, I have no control of how others react it, but I do know that part of my consciousness that is manifested in the artwork, is connected to another person's consciousness as they view it – even for a brief moment. My senses will never experience this connection, but I know it exists; what a thrill.

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